Physics of Algorithms
Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA | August 31-September 4, 2009



Invited Speakers



Local Information


The workshop will be held in the Chaco Ballroom of The Inn at Loretto. We have scheduled 35+5 minutes for long talks and 15+5 minutes for short talks (5 minutes being reserved for questions/discussion). We will hold a half-day schedule on Friday.

Sunday, August 30

Monday, August 31

Morning Session, Chair: Michael Chertkov Afternoon Session, Chair: Lenka Zdeborova

Tuesday, September 1

Morning Session, Chair: Florent Krzakala Afternoon Session, Chair: Eli Ben-Naim

Wednesday, September 2

Morning Session, Chair: Pieter Swart Afternoon Session, Chair: Allon Percus

Thurdsay, September 3

Morning Session, Chair: Nick Hengartner Afternoon Session, Chair: Jason Johnson

Friday, September 4

Morning Session, Chair: Aric Hagberg

Saturday, September 5

Grand Canyon trips (North-South, South-North = 2 teams...and anything in between)

Sunday, September 6

Reunion of the two teams at Page & Lake Powell relaxation for survivors.