Lecture Notes in Physics special volume on Complex Networks

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Title: Complex Networks

Editors: Eli Ben-Naim, Hans Frauenfelder, Zoltan Toroczkai

Publisher: Springer

Series: Lecture Notes in Physics, volume 650

Publication date: September 2004

About the series: This series is particularly devoted to publications that bridge the gap between the advanced textbook literature and the forefront of research. This series reports on new developments quickly and informally but with a high quality. Manuscripts considered for publication are topical volumes consisting of a limited number of contributions, carefully edited. Contributions should be written in a clear, pedagogical style, and be aimed at a broad readership, especially graduate students and nonspecialist researchers wishing to familiarize themselves with the topic concerned. Similar to regular journals, table of contents and abstracts are available online, with full text available to subscribers.

About the volume: This volume is devoted to the applications of techniques from statistical physics to the characterization and modeling of complex networks.The first two parts of the book concern theory and modeling of networks, the last two parts survey applications to a wide variety of natural and artificial networks. The tutorial reviews that form this book are aimed at students and newcomers to the field, and will also constitute a modern and comprehensive reference for experts.To this aim, all contributions have been carefully peer-reviewed not only for scientific content but also for self-consistency and readability. reference for active researchers in complex networks.

Table of Contents [pdf]

Part I: Network Structure

Part II Network Dynamics

Part III Information Networks & Social Networks

Part IV Biological Networks