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We've set up this board to help you to coordinate your arrivals from ABQ airport to Santa Fe on Aug 5.

Please post the information with your arrival date, time, and the airport, as well as your contact data (email and/or phone). If you live in New Mexico and you can give someone a ride from Albuquerque on your way to the conference, please post here as well.

To post your information, please click the edit tab at the top of the page. If you've never used MediaWiki before, please read the tutorial. When editing this page, you will be asked to create an account on this Wiki. Creating an account is free and open to everyone.

Try to keep the page organized and up-to-date, but don't spend too much time on this.

Where to meet at ABQ

ABQ is a small airport. When you come there, you will not be going through customs (those coming from abroad go through customs at the first port of entry to the U.S., which won't be ABQ). You'll spend about half an hour between the time your plane lands and the time you walk out of the airport. As is common elsewhere, you cannot wait for your party in a car in the arrivals area of the airport. There's a waiting area right near the baggage claims, where people usually meet each other. Alternatively, if you have to wait for a long time, a better place may be on the top floor right at the end of the cleared area. That is, after your arrival, follow the signs to baggage claims until you pass through glass security doors. Immediately to your right is a nice waiting area with soft chairs and free wireless internet.

People offering seats

Who's renting/bringing a car, meeting where, and when?

  • Your Name, Flight Information, Arrival time, number of seats in the car, Contact Info
  • Kevin Cahill will drive up to St. John's sometime on Wednesday afternoon. I can take one passenger. 505 205 5448.

People needing seats

Who needs to be picked up at the airport?

  • Your Name, Flight Information, Arrival time, number of seats requested, Contact Info
  • David Sprinzak, United 6472, arriving ABQ at 10:03am on Wednesday, 1 seat, 616-200-6674 (cell) 616-395-5813 (work).
  • Ying-Ja Chen, Southwest Flight 3673 arriving ABQ at 12:20pm Wednesday, 1 seat, 858-232-1434.
  • Ben Machta, United Flight 425 arriving at 12:40pm Wednesday, 1 seat, 413 530 9527
  • Octavio Mondragon, Frontier Flight 337, arriving at ABQ at 12:41 P.M. on Wednesday, 1 seat, 858-405-1908 (cell)
  • Adel Dayarian, American Airlines 477 arriving at 2:50pm Wednesday, 1 seat,732 672 9935
  • Joseph Zhou, US Airways 208, arriving ABQ at 9:05 PM Wednesday, 1 seat, 0049-17661245435.
  • Leonid Mirny, arriving ABQ at 10:33pm on Wednesday, 1 seat, 617-319-6503.
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