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Keynote Speakers:

J. Hopfield, Princeton University
President of the American Physical Society
D. Van Essen, Washington University
President of the Society for Neuroscience

Banquet Speaker:

C.R. Gallistel
Rutgers Center for Cognitive Science

Invited Speakers Include:

H. Abarbanel
University of California, San Diego
W. Bialek
Princeton University
K. Boahen
Stanford University
E.J. Chichilnisky
The Salk Institute
Y. Dan
University of California, Berkeley
R. de Ruyter van Steveninck
Indiana University
J.L. Gallant
UC Berkeley
A. Georgopolous
University of Minnesota
C. Gray
Montana State University
G.W. Gross
University of North Texas
G. Laurent
California Institute of Technology
Y. LeCun
New York University
D. McCormick
Yale University
K. Miller
Columbia University
I. Nelken
Hebrew University
S. Seung
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
R. Shadmehr
Johns Hopkins University
S. Solla
Northwestern University
C.F. Stevens
The Salk Institute
R. Traub
SUNY Downstate Medical Center
S. Zucker
Yale University


Conference Proceedings (Abstracts)

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This will be a unique workshop, dedicated to identifying the Scientific Grand Challenges required for quantitatively understanding the nature of computation in the brain and its application toward more powerful neuromimetic computing. The workshop will be organized around several major themes: Experiment and Analysis, Theory and Modeling, and Applications.

Leading scientists will review their fields, talk about the challenges facing them, and about their own work in this context. National program managers are are invited to offer their ideas and inform their judgement on the Grand Challenges for the field.

The workshop will include a banquet, keynote addresses,and a poster session which will be open to all participants. A discussion session will address Scientific Grand Challenges in Neural Computation. The workshop will conclude with a scientific meeting on the future of neural computation science in New Mexico.

This event will be held at:
The Inn at Loretto, Santa Fe Plaza

Important Dates:
Early Registration - 2/9/07
Banquet - Monday 2/19/07 at 6:00 PM
Poster Reception - Tuesday 2/20/07 at 7:30 PM

*Scholarships may be available for students, postdocs, and junior researchers.

Luis Bettencourt, John George, Garrett Kenyon, Ilya Nemenman, Joysree Aubrey

Advisory Committee:
David Sharp (LANL), Bill Preidhorsky (LANL), Chris Wood (SFI), John Rasure (MIND), Tom Bowles (NM Science Advisor), Gerold Yonas (Sandia), Robert Duncan (IAS-NM), Yoshio Okada (BRAIN Inst.)

Adam Shipman, Conference Coordinator
(505) 664-0187