Excited State Processes in
Electronic and Bio Nanomaterials

La Fonda Hotel, Santa Fe, NM 
June 29 - July 2, 2009

The conference is sponsored by Center for Nonlinear Studies (CNLS), Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies (CINT),
Theoretical, Chemistry, Materials Physics and Applications, and Bioscience Divisions at Los Alamos National Laboratory and supported by the U.S. Department of Energy

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This interdisciplinary workshop will provide an open forum for active interactions between researchers from different subfields. The scope of the conference is a variety of excited state phenomena in several technologically important materials and biosystems, including size-dependent and time-dependent electronic interactions, excited state dynamics, quantum confinement, and carrier transport, emphasizing similarity of the phenomena rather than specifics of the systems.

Topical Areas:

Discussion Leaders (confirmed):

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Conference e-mail: serg@lanl.gov

Organizers: Sergei Tretiak serg@lanl.gov, Avadh Saxena abs@lanl.gov, and Richard L. Martin rlmartin@lanl.gov

Scientific Advisors: Alan R. Bishop arb@lanl.gov, Andrew P. Shreve shreve@lanl.gov, Victor I. Klimov klimov@lanl.gov

Coordinator: Adam Shipman conferences@cnls.lanl.gov.

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