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University of Arizona

Arizona State University

University of New Mexico


The first two days of the conference will have plenary session talks given by scientists who have made significant mathematical contributions in nonlinear evolution equations.

 Invited speakers include:

A. Babine (Irvine)
C. Bardos (Paris)
S.Y. Chen (Johns Hopkins)
S. Childress (Courant)
P. Constantin (Chicago)
M. Farge (Paris)
J. Fernando (ASU)
M. Fremond (Paris)
F. Golse (Paris)
Y. Kevrekidis (Princeton)
T.-P. Liu (Stanford)
G. Papanicolaou (Stanford)
G. Seregin (St Petersburg)


Organizing Committee: AZ / LA Days

Stephen Lau UNM
Carlos Castillo-Chavez - ASU
i Matt Beauregard - UA
Julia Arciero - UA
Don Jones - ASU
Colm Connaughton - LANL


Organizing Committee: Emerging Paradigms

Mac Hyman - LANL
Alex Mahalov - ASU

Edriss Titi UC Irvine and Weizmann Institute


Administrative Coordinator:


Rod Garcia
(505) 664-0188, (505) 665-2659 fax

Joint Los Alamos National Laboratory, Arizona State University,
 University of Arizona, and the University of New Mexico Conference on

Los Alamos / Arizona Days

Emerging Paradigms in Nonlinear Science

January 25-28, 2006

Thursday talks will be held at the 3rd floor lecture room of the Hilltop House.
Friday talks will be held in the Motorola building.
Saturday talks will be held at the 3rd floor lecture room of the Hilltop House.
Directions to Hilltop House

Hilltop House/Best Western
Los Alamos, New Mexico  USA

The conference is dedicated to Basil Nicolaenko to honor his role in the founding
of the CNLS and his many important contributions to nonlinear analysis.

The general theme of the conference will be mathematical and computational aspects of nonlinear evolution equations with a particular emphasis on the Boltzmann equation and nonlinear partial differential equations of fluid dynamics. During the last decade these have been areas of active research leading to significant advances and involving considerable analytical technology. Invited speakers will discuss emerging paradigms in nonlinear science from their own unique interdisciplinary perspectives.

The highlighted talks will be followed on Friday and Saturday by the annual Los Alamos/Arizona Days workshop in nonlinear science. This informal conference is held every year in order to maintain regular contact between the Applied Math Programs at the University of Arizona, Arizona State University, the University of New Mexico, and the Center for Nonlinear Studies at Los Alamos National Laboratory, and to present highlights of current research at these institutions.

This event is an opportunity to exchange ideas, present new findings, and meet new people (graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, professors, and technical staff members).

The last two days  of the conference will have talks presenting highlights of recent  research at the participating institutions.

Research speakers include:

  • N. Chitnis (LANL & UA)
  • J. Arciero (UA)
  • M. Imran (ASU)
  • Y. Kang (ASU)
  • N. Gulbahce (LANL)
  • T. Malik (ASU)
  • S. Chumakov (LANL)
  • M. Petersen (LANL)
  • H. Yu (LANL & Texas A & M)
  • G. Srinivasan (UNM)
  • K. Heinemann (UNM)
  • M. Ivkovic (UA)
  • T. Marquez Lago (UNM)
  • S. Lau (UNM)
  • A. Sobol (UNM)
  • J. Barber (UA)
  • A. Libal (LANL and Notre Dame)
  • H. Aluie (LANL and Johns Hopkins)
  • M. Twardos (LANL)
  • A. Rubio (ASU)
  • M. Beauregard (UA)
  • S. Madrid-Jaramillo (UA)
  • I. Vasileva (UNM)
  • M. Nitsche (UNM)









This Conference is Open to
the Interested Public