UPDATED: 26 September 1999

Times of India (search for keywords: HIV or AIDS)

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NY Times: index to articles on AIDS

N.Y. Times Comprehensive index to articles related to AIDS in the U.S.

British Broadcasting Corporation: Health

BBC maintains an extensive information resource on issues of health

New York Times: Health issues (search for keywords: "Russia Health" or "India health")

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NY Times: Sonagachi Project

Sex Workers in Calcutta unite to force use of condoms. A successful example of a project that should be duplicated all over India but is facing difficulties because it needs, as a prerequisite, the legalization and legitimization of the trade of commercial sex workers.


Links to most major newspapers, and today's news on HIV/AIDS

Bombay Dost: Interview with Ashok Row Kavi.

Provocative disclosure of males having sex with males (MSM) in India.

The BODY: POZ magazine

HIV & AIDS Demographics: Asia, Australia, and the Pacific

GAY TODAY magazine

HIV/AIDS related articles can be found under topic HEALTH by year -- 1997, 1998, 1999

Village Voice Feature. AIDS: the agony of Africa

This article discusses some grass-roots community based efforts in care of PLWHA in Zimbabwe.

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NY Times: index to articles on Politics in India

This article also contains links to related articles in 1999

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