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The quantitative biology (q-bio) public lecture series is dedicated to dissemination of biological knowledge gained through quantitative experimentation and computational, mathematical, and/or statistical analyses of data. The lectures will be presented by leading scientists and aimed at the general public.




The next two talks in the q-bio public lecture series (on March 26 and 27) are integrated into The Art and Science of Systems Biology event.


March 26, 2010
Garrett M. Odell and Victoria E. Foe, University of Washington, How the sea urchin embryo gets its cleavage furrows (in the right place), a lecture in two parts
March 27, 2010
Bridget S. Wilson, University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center, Journey through the cell

In addition to these public lectures, The Art and Science of Systems Biology event will feature an exhibition of the award-winning pieces of the NSF-sponsored 2009 International Science & Engineering Visualization Challenge. Additional information about the winning pieces is available online in the NY Times here and in Science magazine here.

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