Invited Speakers:

Enrique R. Batista

Jennifer Chen
University of Washington

Yuri Dahnovsky
University of Wyoming

Alberto Franceschetti

John Grey
University of New Mexico

Charlie Johnson
University of Pennsylvania

Muhammet Kose
North Dakota State University

Rajesh Naik
Air Force Research Laboratory

Artem Masunov
University of Central Florida

Sheng Meng
EPFL, Switzerland

John W. Mintmire
Oklahoma State University

Aditya Mohite

Ravi Pandey
Michigan Technological University

Jeffrey Pietryga

Oleg Prezhdo
University of Washington

Greg Scholes
University of Toronto

Richard D Schaller

Michael Strano

Hiroyuki Tanaka
Osaka University, Japan

Michael Therien
Duke University

* Image Credit: R.R. Johnson, M.L. Klein, A.T.C. Johnson, University of Pennsylvania

This conference is sponsored by Los Alamos National Laboratory and will bring together theoreticians and experimentalists from diverse backgrounds (Chemistry, Physics, Materials Science, and Engineering) who work on functionalized nanomaterials. The conference is intended to examine issues and opportunities associated with the essential role of inorganic/organic interfaces in many chemical and physical processes important for applications ranging from molecular electronics and photovoltaics to medicine. The conference will specifically address the questions how bio- and organic- functional groups, such as organic molecules, conjugated polymers, DNA, proteins, etc., affect electronic and optical properties, excited state dynamics, quantum confinement, and carrier transport in nanosystems: semiconductor quantum dots, metallic nanoparticles, carbon nanotubes, etc.

Key topics include: